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Please Watch \"The Matrix Movie Stunts In Real Life\" --~-- Deadpool Parkour You may have seen Deadpool vs Boba Fett, and Deadpool vs Deathstroke but how would Deadpool (The merc with a mouth) faire up against the coy and cunning tactics of Agent Peggy Carter when Marvel Universes Collide? Deadpool messes with time causing the 1940’s and the 21st century to colide and The Merc with a mouth finds himself with a bounty on his head after stealing some of Starks Top secret government Thingies. Sit back and enjoy this Comic-al rendition of a \"VS\" video as Deadpool takes on a band of Mercenaries and the master spy Agent Carter using his humor, oozing charm, and of course his mad parkour and combat skills. =================================================== Check out the Behind the Scenes Video: Learn How to Make Deadpool Costume Cosplay Apprentice\'s Channel: =================================================== Checkout my Website: Like my videos? be sure to follow and like me on my other networks: ====================================================== CREDITS Deadpool - Ronnie Shalvis Agent Carter - Olivia Ostler Thugs and Stunts : - CBR Stunt Team - Chris Romrell - Corbett Mcallister - Ben Alexander - Sam Roberts Directed by Skyler Ostler ( Camera Ops: - Zeb Jackson (FreakinRad Channel) - Jacob Privette Drone - David Roberts Hair and Makeup - Karen Salazar Costumes: - Cosplay Apprentice - Murphy Yang Editors: - Jacob Privette - Skyler Ostler Executive Producer: - Anthony Ambriz Music: - Audio Blocks - Pond5 For business inquiries email me at

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